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How to get MarsEdit to work with Jerome's Keywords

I have switched from using the on-line Wordpress editor to using an offline one on my Powerbook called MarsEdit. My main reason to switch is that I can work on blog posts while disconnected (but also the built in spell checker. I'm sure all my readers will appreciate that!). But the problem is two fold: Wordpress doesn't support tagging without a plugin (I use Jerome's Keywords) and Jerome's Keywords isn't supported through the XML-RPC interface that MarsEdit uses to talk to Wordpress (my opinion: small design problem on Wordpress' part to not allow pluings to do XML-RPC stuff).

But I stumbled upon How to make ecto work with Jerome’s Keywords, which also will work for MarsEdit (and probably any other tool that uses XML-RPC to talk to WordPress).

First, make the two modifications to the Wordpress PHP code as mention in the ecto article.  This will allow you to set the keywords from MarsEdit.  But I went one better and allows MarsEdit to read what the tags are as well.  Make this modification to the same xmlrpc.php file:

In the mw_getPost function, look for the line that is creating the respone ($resp = array...).  Add the following line to the end of the array creation: 'mt_keywords' => get_post_meta($postdata['ID'], 'keywords', true)

And then you can fully use the keywords in MarsEdit.

Oh, and I also had to tell MarsEdit that I am using Wordpress so it could turn on the Keywords feature for me and I was good to go.

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